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Attorney for Northern Indiana. Kirsch has recused himself from the case, which now is being managed by the U.S. Attorney's office in Chicago. Snyder's defense lawyers suggest the disclosure of defense secrets is so severe the judge should consider barring the current team of federal prosecutors from leading the case against Snyder at trial, now scheduled to begin June 4. If successful, the defense would be denying the government some of ifs most veteran trial attorneys: Assistant U.S. Attorneys Philip C. Benson and Jill R. Koster have appeared in hundreds of criminal cases for the government in the last two decades. Koster won the conviction of former Hammond megachurch Pastor Jack Schaap for his sexual relationship with a 17-year-old parish girl. Schaap was sentenced in March 2013 to 12 years in prison for transporting the teen he was counseling to Illinois and Michigan for sex. Forcing out Benson would deny the government an attorney who has won a number of public corruption cases, many of them at trial in recent years. That includes: Former Merrillville Town Councilman Thomas "Tommy" Goralczyk, for bribery in awarding towing for that town's police.

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