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Second, they have sought to delegitimize anyone whose work could endanger the president, from Mueller himself , to other top FBI and Justice Department officials involved in the case, to the journalists reporting on the probe. The New York Times report today that Trump plans to hire Joseph diGenova to join his personal legal team ties those two branches together more tightly than ever. As the Times points out, in a January appearance on Fox , the Washington lawyer with deep ties to the GOP baselessly accused people at the Department of Justice and FBI of “trying to frame Donald Trump of a falsely created crime.” But beyond that, diGenova’s wife and law partner , Victoria Toensing, who is also a longtime Republican activist  and lawyer, is representing a purported “witness” whose claims are at the center of a right-wing media effort to have another special counsel appointed. In theory, this second special counsel would be able to investigate Mueller himself over a shoddily constructed conspiracy theory involving the Russian nuclear energy agency’s 2010 acquisition of Uranium One, a company with licenses to extract U.S. uranium. In 2015, conservatives used the Uranium One deal to attack Hillary Clinton , claiming that as secretary of state, she helped push the deal through in exchange for payments from Russians to her husband and the Clinton Foundation. They returned to the story after the election as a way of diffusing the Trump-Russia story by claiming that, in the words of Sean Hannity, it was Clinton who was guilty of the “ real collusion ” with Russia. And the tale came back again after an October 17 report in The Hill claimed that a “confidential U.S. witness” who was “working inside the Russian nuclear industry” -- later revealed as lobbyist William Douglas Campbell -- had told the FBI that Russian nuclear officials had tried to pay off the Clintons to secure Hillary Clinton’s support for the deal, and that the Obama administration had then covered it up. Each iteration of this story has collapsed in light of the simple reality that the State Department was one of numerous federal and state agencies to sign off on the Uranium One deal, and that there is no evidence -- even from Campbell -- that Hillary Clinton ever personally participated in any discussions about it.

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